Anniversary of indigenous water protector Bertha Caceres’ murder: Memory of martyrs inspires ongoing demands for environmental justice

Escrito por  |  27 / March / 2017

Caceres’ memory must be invoked along with that of dozens of other martyrs for the defense of the sanctity of all living beings, as the cross-boundary struggle builds to reinstate indigenous primacy in the protection of land tenure rights, biological diversity, habitat, food and water security, and the balance of nature.

Latin America’s Women-led Movements and New Feminisms

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Feminism will never defeat the Trump patriarchal revival in the U.S. or the resurgence in the rest of the world unless it embraces its nature as profoundly anti-systemic. As the system becomes more deadly and alienating, women’s defense of life and their stands against impunity present a radical challenge.

Tijuana’s Haitian refugee crisis

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Latin America: Trump’s Walls and China’s Bridges

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China’s economic power has impacted Latin America through considerable bilateral trade. Now it has proposed long-term policies the region must discuss.

Trump Through Mexican Eyes

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Photo: Thomas Hawk

Those who thought that Donald Trump’s Mexico-bashing was just a campaign strategy have been roundly proven wrong. With the stroke  Continue Reading »

The Banker and the Bass Player: Scapegoats of the Drug War?

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Imagine being informed by a Facebook news site that your loved one has been arrested as a gangster. That’s what  Continue Reading »

Salvadoran Migrants Express Fear and Uncertainty in the Face of the Trump Administration

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Adela M. arrived in the United States less than a year ago to work to send money home to her  Continue Reading »