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Mexican Farmers Block New Law to Privatize Plants

Progressive small farmer organizations in Mexico scored a victory over transnational corporations that seek to monopolize seed and food patents.

Pablo Solón: the Outcome of the Climate Change Conference in Durban will be Worse than in Cancun

By Alfredo Acedo When Solón attended the COP16 last year in Cancun, Mexico, he still served as Bolivia’s ambassador to  Continue Reading »

Agrotoxins Kill

A beautiful green and gold checked carpet hides the tragedy of the Yaqui Valley. This northeastern region of Mexico has been devastated by intensive use of agrochemicals under a capitalist model of agriculture that has polluted the air, soil and water, and lethally affected the lives of its people for more than half a century.

Mexican Constitution Now Recognizes Right to Food

Although the right to food is now recognized in the Constitution, poverty, hunger and exclusion in the country have worsened to the point that to put the right to food in practice requires a radical transformation in the economic model.

Mexicans Reject Calderón’s War

The clock on the Torre Latinoamericana strikes 5:00 on April 6 as the ragtag group that fills the esplanade of the Bellas Artes museum yells ‘No more blood!’ and ‘Down with Felipe Calderon!’. This is not a common place to begin a protest, but this march was called by poets and artists, friends, followers, and men and women who read the poems and articles of Javier Sicilia, who lost his son Juan Francisco Sicilia Ortega on March 28 in a shooting in Cuernavaca.

Monsanto Uses Latest Food Crisis to Push Transgenic Corn in Mexico

Monsanto has turned the drop in international corn reserves and the havoc wreaked on Mexican corn production by an unexpected cold snap into an argument for speeding up commercial planting of its genetically modified (GM) corn in Mexico. The transnational is claiming that its modified seeds are the only solution to scarcity and rising grain prices.

The Aristegui Case and Attacks on Freedom of Expression

On February 6, journalist Carmen Aristegui was abruptly fired from her job as anchor of the morning radio show for MVS Noticias. Aristegui issued an official statement denouncing pressure from the president’s office. Although she was reinstated, the incident revived national debate over political interference with freedom of expression.

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