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US Congress Members Demand Review of Security Aid to Mexico, Victims’ and Rights Groups Call to Divert Drug War Aid to Disaster Relief

US Congress Members Call for “full review of U.S. assistance to Mexico” in light of “violence and corruption related to war on drugs”. Post-earthquake, Mexican rights organizations demand drug war funding be diverted to disaster relief.

NAFTA 101 Briefing Series: Agriculture and Migration

NAFTA’s impact on small-scale agriculture in Mexico and an Agenda for Reforms.

INVITATION: August 21, “Independent Communication in Social Movement Building”

The Americas Program invites you to the panel discussion: “Independent communication in Social Movement Building”.

Arizona Border Crosser Death Rate at Record High

A recent report analyzing the deaths of undocumented border crossers along the Arizona-Mexico border finds that the death rate has soared.

Obama’s Berlin Speech Applies to the Border: Tear Down The Wall!

The Americas Program made this four-minute video that shows the stark contrast between the images from the U.S.-Mexico border and President Obama’s speech against walls in Berlin.

Colombians for Peace: Peace taken hostage and the need for an urgent change to achieve it

This is a partial translation of a document released by Colombians for Peace following the government announcement of peace talks with the FARC guerrilla forces. The Americas Program offers this original translation to spread ideas and initiatives that seek to promote peace in Colombia and other nations in conflict.

Women’s Gathering in Defense of Water, Life and Territory

n Guatemala, the policy of enclaves and extraction of natural resources fomented by the current development model and by the transnational corporations has a tremendous impact on the life of the communities, particularly on indigenous peoples and women.

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