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CHINA SYNDROME: China’s Growing Presence in Latin America

China is fast overtaking and displacing both the United States and Europe in Latin American trade. Latin American business elites and governments on the left and the right, hungry for foreign investment and exchange, welcome the opportunity to do business with the Chinese. But environmentalists and progressives in the region are concerned about China’s growing influence, decrying that much of its investment is going into environmentally unsustainable activities and is putting local and national sovereignty into question.

The New Latin American “Progresismo” and the Extractivism of the 21st Century

The advent of progressive governments in South America in the last decade gave environmentalists the hope that this would be the beginning of a truly sustainable economic development. But post-neoliberal “progresismo” has brought new complications in the environmental front, according to numerous activists and experts.

Americas Program Biodiversity Report – July 2010

Bolivian environmental organizations and indigenous groups that supported Evo Morales in his election to the presidency demand that his government stop exploiting oil resources in the Bolivian Amazon due to its serious impacts on the environment, including the destruction of biodiversity, and erosion of the livelihoods of the indigenous peoples that inhabit the region.

Americas Program Biodiversity Report, June 2010

Costa Rican environmentalists decry war against biodiversity; in Brazil, the World Rainforest Movement calls Norway to task for its alleged double-dealing; in Chile, civil society is on the move against genetically modified (GM) crops, while Bolivia’s president Evo Morales declares them unwelcome in his country; the monthly report concludes with the agroecology letter from Havana.

Americas Program Biodiversity Report, May 2010

In this month’s biodiversity report: Goldman Prizes for Cuba and Costa Rica, Yasuní Reserve Declaration, Syngenta + CIMMYT = GM Wheat, “Responsible” Soy in trouble and The WWF and Tree Monoculture Plantations.

Americas Program Biodiversity Report—April 2010

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Americas Program Biodiversity Report—March 2010

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