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Murder of Human Rights Witness Sparks Fears

The recent murder of Silvia Suppo, a key witness in a human rights trial on crimes committed during the Argentine  Continue Reading »

Landmark Human Rights Case in Argentina Puts Torture on Trial

Argentine courts have launched an investigation into crimes committed at the ESMA Navy Mechanics School during the nation’s military dictatorship.  Continue Reading »

Kraft Firings Feed Protests

Mass firings at Kraft Foods’ plant in Argentina sparked protests throughout the nation, and ignited a new wave of worker  Continue Reading »

FASINPAT: A Factory that Belongs to the People

The workers at Argentina’s largest worker-controlled factory are celebrating a definitive legal solution to a nine-year struggle for the right  Continue Reading »

Study Released in Argentina Puts Glyphosate Under Fire

Argentina has seen an explosion in genetically modified (GM) soy bean production with soy exports topping $16.5 billion in 2008.  Continue Reading »

Argentina’s Community Media Fights for Access and Legal Reform

In response to misinformation and lack of access in the mass media, citizens have created alternative media networks that play  Continue Reading »

Wal-Mart Faces Accusations of Anti-union Practices in Argentina

Wal-Mart’s aggressive efforts to keep labor unions out of stores worldwide have come under fire across the hemisphere. Workers report  Continue Reading »

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