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URGENT ACTION SIGN ON: As organizations in defense of human rights and democracy, we urgently call on the Honduran government to respect the vote and provide full transparency, credibility and legitimacy in all aspects of the vote count and elections results.

Honduran Human Rights Organizations Call for Suspension of US Aid

Some fifty major Honduran human rights organizations wrote a letter to the New York Times expressing their conviction that US aid is perpetuating violations of human rights in their country.

Stop the Raids and Focus Instead on U.S. Policy towards Central America

We, the undersigned organizations working in the fields of human rights, Latin American solidarity, immigrant rights, women’s rights and fair foreign policy, call for humanitarian protection for Central American migrants through administratively-granted relief and for an immediate halt to the raids.

Statement: IV National Meeting of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders of Mexico

Five years after the creation of the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders, in the face of violence and the human rights crisis in Mexico

Open Letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The signatory organizations address The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to provide information, as a result of their research, documentation and accompaniment of cases, that show the widespread, and in some cases systematic, violations of human rights committed in Mexico.

7 Reasons to Scrap the $1 Billion Aid Package to Central America

We are a group of social scientists with decades of research experience with the very populations targeted in Biden’s plan. We are painfully aware that Central America’s rural and urban poor need support. But Biden’s package is guaranteed to deepen—not alleviate—the problems faced by Central America’s poor majority.

Government Documents Reveal Canadian Embassy Backed Mining Abuses in Mexico

A new report based on internal documents concludes that Canadian diplomats in Mexico were complicit in Toronto-based Excellon Resources Inc.’s efforts to avoid redressing a violated land use contract and poor working conditions, and supported repression against a peaceful protest.

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