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Tillerson in Mexico

Escrito por  |  6 / February / 2018

Tillerson’s visit stirred the already muddied waters of Mexican politics. It did nothing to repair the binational relationship and increased, rather than allayed fears regarding the Trump administration’s policies against Mexican migrants, the border wall, the failed drug war or possible plans to block the center-left in the upcoming elections.

Brazil: Democratic Legitimacy At Risk

Escrito por  |  1 / February / 2018

A shadow has been cast over the legitimacy of the October 2018 Brazilian presidential elections.

U.S Support for Honduras’ Fraudulent Election is a Betrayal of Democracy

Escrito por  |  24 / January / 2018

The Trump administration just helped steal a national presidential election right under our noses. That does not bode well for  Continue Reading »

An Open Letter to President Juan Orlando Hernandez from Nobel Women Laureates

Escrito por  |  18 / December / 2017

Nobel Women Laureates are urging the international community —the U.S. and Canadian governments in particular— to publicly denounce the violence, and join the call for a fair and transparent electoral recount with the presence of international and regional electoral observers.

Fraud in Honduras and the Future of Fair Elections

Escrito por  |  4 / December / 2017

If we allow this setback in Honduras, not only will the Honduran people suffer, it will embolden anti-democratic forces around the world. With key elections coming up next year in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, it’s vitally important not to allow the right to establish a precedent of successful fraud.


Escrito por  |  30 / November / 2017

URGENT ACTION SIGN ON: As organizations in defense of human rights and democracy, we urgently call on the Honduran government to respect the vote and provide full transparency, credibility and legitimacy in all aspects of the vote count and elections results.

Making Peace Work in Colombia Requires “Gender-Responsive, Community-Based Security”

Escrito por  |  28 / November / 2017

The statement highlights the participation of ethnically diverse women in peace negotiations; ensuring the security of human rights defenders, civil society activists and Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities; and inclusive monitoring and implementation of peace processes.