Food Sovereignty

Sustainable Food Systems for Security and Nutrition: The Need for Social Movements

Escrito por  |  16 / October / 2013

In celebrating sustainable food systems, World Food Day recognizes the need for systemic change to end hunger and malnutrition. This is urgent because although for decades the world has produced 1½ times enough food for every man, woman and child on the planet, nearly a billion people go hungry.

Good News for World Food Day: Suicide Seeds Are Dead… for the moment

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In a great bit of news for World Food Day, a key Brazilian congressional committee today withdrew the consideration of legislation that would have allowed the sale and use of Terminator Technology, also known as suicide seeds

Mexican Federal Court Halts Invasion of Genetically Modified Corn

Escrito por  |  16 / October / 2013

A federal court in Mexico City ordered the Mexican government “to suspend the issue of permits for experimental, pilot or commercial cultivation of genetically modified corn” on Oct. 10. This is the first victory in a class-action suit filed against the invasion of Monsanto corn in Mexico.

Colombia: The Triumphant Return of the Peasantry

Escrito por  |  9 / October / 2013

Five decades of war made things worse. Landowners bought up more and more land, expelling and expropriating campesinos with force. The agricultural strike was the "Enough!" of a population that won't put up with it any longer.

Like During Spanish Colonialism, Looting Indian Gold

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The indigenous territories most hard hit by mining concessions are the Rarámuri, Zapotecos (mostly in the central valleys of Oaxaca), Chatinos, Mixtecos, Coras, Tepehuanes and Nahuas of Michoacan. The concessions in these people’s lands add up to more than a million hectares.

Extracting Wealth, Endangering Health: Gold Mining in Suriname

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As a resource-rich country, Suriname bills itself to international investors as a modern-day “El Dorado”. Yet many fear the small nation on South America’s Atlantic Coast is selling its wealth at the expense of its people’s health.

Uruguay: Birth of a Movement Against Mining and Extractivism

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On March 7 one of Uruguay’s strongest myths was broken: trust in state enterprises. That day those who turned on  Continue Reading »