Land and Territory

The Dark Side of Clean Energy in Mexico

Escrito por  |  20 / January / 2016

Wind energy projects on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec are facing opposition from local indigenous communities. What’s at stake?

Colombia Needs to Take a Gendered Approach to Make Peace Last

Escrito por  |  19 / January / 2016

While most combatants in Colombia’s conflict have been men, women’s participation in the construction of peace is badly needed for peace to be sustainable. When the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1325, mandating the full, equal participation of women at peace talks, it was an attempt to bridge the gap between theory and practice for integrating a gender perspective into peace processes.

Mexico 2015: Ground Zero in the Global Class War

Escrito por  |  17 / December / 2015

In 2015, class and social struggles intensified in different regions of Mexico. From small farmers to factory workers, and from teachers to farmworkers, different sectors of the population mobilized to demand fair living standards and dignified treatment.

People’s Proposals in the Global Village

Escrito por  |  15 / December / 2015

At the Global Village of Alternatives, dozens of grassroots organizations from countries all around the world present their arguments for stronger efforts to stop climate change and offer ground-up solutions based on traditional knowledge and new technologies.

Protesters Red-Line Climate Change at Close of Paris Talks

Escrito por  |  13 / December / 2015

An international group of protesters filled the streets of the French capital to mark their “red lines” for climate justice. The Red Lines Coalition described the action as a way to, “honour past and future victims of climate change, driven by respect, determination and hope.”

Mercenaries in Yemen–the U.S. Connection

Escrito por  |  7 / December / 2015

Latin American mercenaries are leaving the ranks of the national armies of their countries to fight in the deserts of Yemen, wearing the uniform of the United Arab Emirates.

“The Paris Accords Will Cause the Planet to Burn”

Escrito por  |  7 / December / 2015

The Paris agreement, according to Pablo Solón, a veteran of climate negotiations, “will be an agreement that will burn up the planet.”