The COP Chronicles

After Paris, Indigenous Peoples Must Be Given the Lead on Fighting Climate Change

Escrito por  |  8 / March / 2016

We shall follow the water, as Brother Moon instructs us, and remind the world every so often that it is not who you are that matters, but what you know. Our best scientists, it turns out, are Post Paris indigenous.

People’s Proposals in the Global Village

Escrito por  |  15 / December / 2015

At the Global Village of Alternatives, dozens of grassroots organizations from countries all around the world present their arguments for stronger efforts to stop climate change and offer ground-up solutions based on traditional knowledge and new technologies.

Protesters Red-Line Climate Change at Close of Paris Talks

Escrito por  |  13 / December / 2015

An international group of protesters filled the streets of the French capital to mark their “red lines” for climate justice. The Red Lines Coalition described the action as a way to, “honour past and future victims of climate change, driven by respect, determination and hope.”

Mexico City’s Global Climate March 2015

Escrito por  |  9 / December / 2015

Thousands of people gathered at Mexico City’s symbolic Monument to the Revolution, demanding climate justice and respect for the environment in anticipation of the COP21 talks in Paris. A mix of environmental organizations, families and concerned citizens joined cities around the world, on Nov. 29 as world leaders from more than 190 countries arrived at the annual climate conference to discuss the current crisis and agree on plans to eradicate climate change.

In Paris, Activists Challenge COP Inaction and Propose Solutions

Escrito por  |  8 / December / 2015

This was one of a host of creative actions and interventions this weekend in Montreuil, where the Citizen’s Climate Summit and the World Village of Alternatives convened this weekend. The events brought together thousands of people from around the world to discuss climate solutions from the ground up.

“The Paris Accords Will Cause the Planet to Burn”

Escrito por  |  7 / December / 2015

The Paris agreement, according to Pablo Solón, a veteran of climate negotiations, “will be an agreement that will burn up the planet.”

The Day Before COP21 in Paris

Escrito por  |  1 / December / 2015

Paris seems ready to birth the historic agreement against global greenhouse emissions that cause climate change.