Temer’s Nightfall

Left and right wing sectors of society are asking for Michel Tmer’s head while there are still some considering him a reliable name to stay in power and make changes needed.

International Human Rights Experts Added to Growing List of Targets of Mexican Government Spy Program

With the Ayotzinapa case still unsolved, the students still disappeared, the motives still unknown and the masterminds still unpunished, the spy scandal adds another layer of injustice. It indicates what many of us have believed from the beginning– that the Mexican government is more concerned with damage control than truth because, for them, the truth could be very damaging.

Guatemalans Driven from their Homes Stuck in Limbo on Mexican Border

After traveling the 3 kilometers to the border, the Laguna Larga community arrived in Campeche, Mexico. There, the refugees were met by the Mexican Nacional Institute of Migration (INM) and armed federal and state police who had been informed days before of the impending eviction by the Guatemalan authorities. Barred from entering further into Mexico, the villagers were forced to stay in makeshift tents made from plastic bags on the 8-meter border zone between Campeche and El Petén.




Laura Carlsen on plight of mothers of the missing

Laura Carlsen on the progress and peril for women in Latin America


May 29, 2017

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The Border Economy by Julie Morse – Business Researcher

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March 20, 2017

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Laura Carlsen’s contribution for CounterPunch magazine talking about Women-led Movement’s. Read it HERE

March 3, 2017

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