The defense of the Body-Territory

This Earth Day, four women defenders from four countries came together to reflect on their struggles defending the body-territory. They emphasized that the relationship of women’s bodies with the earth, its natural resources, and the mutual care that this implies, is reflected in the types of threats and forms of violence against women’s bodies and against the earth that emanate from the same capitalist-patriarchal system that seeks total domination of both territories.

The main obstacle in the fight against Covid-19? Inequality.

The situation in Latin America is serious. Only enough doses are available to vaccinate 5% of the population during a period of high infection rates and a rising death toll that have forced many countries in the region to reimpose confinement orders in the face of a collapse of its hospital services capabilities.

Escazú Agreement set to bring environmental justice down to earth

The Escazú Agreement is the first treaty in the world to contain specific provisions on human rights defenders in environmental matters.

Farmworkers need families, not deportation and exploitation

During the Trump administration, the U.S. deported an average of 275,725 people per year, almost the same number of workers – 257,667 – brought by growers last year to labor in U.S. fields. Contract laborers on H2-A visas now make up is a tenth of the U.S.’s total agricultural workforce – an increase of more than 100,000 in just six years.


The defense of the Body-Territory

The main obstacle in the fight against Covid-19? Inequality.

Escazú Agreement set to bring environmental justice down to earth

Was Trump’s Family-Separation Policy Torture?



Dia de Refugiados. De la serie Voces de la diferencia, de la Corte Suprema

Central American Caravan for the Disappeared Seeks to Reunite Families

Mexico’s Dilemma: Tariffs or Impose Trump’s Draconian Immigration


Friday Round Table: News Analysis on Voter Suppression, Border, Filibuster, Atlanta killings
America’s Program Director Laura Carlsen sat in on Sojourner Truth’s “Friday Round Table: News Analysis on voter suppression, the situation of children on the southern border, the filibuster, and the Derek Chauvin trial” with Gerald Horne and Jackie Goldberg.

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Pan-American Unity vs. CV-19

A Global Exchange webcast with Laura Carlsen and other guests from Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S.

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KPFK Friday Roundtable April 17, 2020

Laura Carlsen joins Dr. Gerald Horne, L.A. educator and activist Jackie Goldberg and host Margaret Prescod to discuss COVID-19, Trump’s plan to re-open the country, testing, the cut-off of funds to WHO and where we go from here.

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