The National Centre for Alternative Studies (CENDA, in Spanish) is a Chilean non-profit foundation that uses research, teaching, and training to formulate and promote proposals with a significant social, democratic, and participatory nature for Chilean society.

The focus of their work is research on national level social issues, seeking ways to incorporate citizen participation. At the same time it studies and proposes ideas relevant to social issues. Currently it is working on redistribution of wealth and poverty, the influence of globalization and international trade in Chile, the concentration and transnationalization of the Chilean and regional economies, proposals for sustainable development, protection for Chilean workers, and development of corporate codes of conduct in areas such as fishing and fruit production in Chile. It has also monitored the behavior of worker-owned and -managed companies.

CENDA also provides consultations to social and union organizations. Its outreach programs include workshops, seminars, publications, and activities with universities, social organizations, and other institutions with similar objectives.