Large scale infrastructure projects are changing the social, political, and physical geography of Latin America. The South American Regional Integration and Infrastructure Project (IIRSA), Plan Puebla Panama, and other proposals designed to promote trade, energy integration, and access to natural resources will have important environmental and social impacts. In this series, Americas Policy Program analysts monitor the projects, their impact, financing, and citizen response.

Articles from the Americas Policy Program:

Damming Patagonia’s Rivers: A Dirty Energy Business (#8)
By Aaron Sanger
Also available in Spanish

Border Land Battle Pits Development against Human Rights (#7)
By Kent Paterson
Also available in Spanish

The Real Crisis of Argentina’s Agricultural Sector (#6)
By Carlos A. Vicente
Also available in Spanish

Energy Integration and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean (#5)
By Ariela Ruiz Caro
Also available in Spanish

Energy Diplomacy Leads to a Crossroads for South American Integration (#4)
By Eduardo Gudynas
Also available in Spanish

Brazilian Government Moves to Dam Principal Amazon Tributary (#3)
By Glenn Switkes
Also available
in Spanish and Portuguese

The Madeira Complex: International Banks to Fund Deforestation and Displacement (#2)
By Zachary Hurwitz
Also available
in Portuguese

IIRSA: Integration Custom-Made for International Markets (#1)
By Raúl Zibechi
Also available
in Spanish