The role of electoral observation in the defense of the 2018 vote

A free and fair vote was at risk at a critical time for the country. In this context, the network of Scholars and Citizens for Democracy in Mexico was created.Hundreds of people from all over the world answered the call to defend the vote and join the non-partisan observation.

“Political Rights are Human Rights” An interview with Father Miguel Concha

Free and fair elections are a critical component of a real democracy and citizens have long fought for the right to vote and to have their vote counted. Less recognized is that the right to vote is not just the right to elect representatives. It’s a human right.

In Mexico, the desire for a real democracy in power

The broad victory of the leader of the coalition “Together We’ll Make History ” is historical in many ways but the hardest part is just beginning now for the leader from the state of Tabasco.

The People Won, But Can They Take Power?

In Mexico the people won. The decision of the vast majority was expressed and respected. If this election signified the empowerment of the people in the electoral process, what comes next?




From Mexico: Maria Ines Ochoa (la Rumorosa)

Interview With Eduardo Huchim


May 27, 2018

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November 17, 2017

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September 14, 2017

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