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  • Don LeBaron
    Posted June 13, 2011 12:54 pm 0Likes

    Great interview, clear and concise.

    Perhaps Javier is a bit to conciliatory for the day. A gentle soul he is.

    The president of Mexico simply represents rich corporations and banks. A process of dialogue has no importance if it is not an integral aspect of affirmative law. The people must uncompromisingly demand the government act in the fact and spirit of law where in the voice of the people is the purpose for all government. Demand that the government do its job. Do not ask nicely. Petition for redress and insist the government act according to the Constitution and its law is all the people can do in this present process. And that is not enough.

    If the people can be aroused to this fact, that they have all power if they will assume it. That is the spirit of the true revolution that is and will continue to happen. Every town and city must begin to assume the power of its autonomy– take back the power that has been stolen.

    If it cannot be done locally through due process of law, it will eventually be a bloody revolution indeed.

    Thank you Javier and company for starting this spiritual revolution.

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