The Paths of Justice for Berta

On March 2, 2016, the world suffered the murder of land defender Berta Cáceres. From that moment, those of us  Continue Reading »

In Guatemala, Harris Should Address U.S. Policies That Put Corporations Over People

As the Vice President seeks to remedy root causes of migration, she should vow to dismantle neoliberal rules that have been devastating for rural and Indigenous peoples.

Necropolitics in the Amazon threatens Indigenous peoples and ecosystems

During these pandemic times, everything seems to indicate that the socio-environmental crisis is getting worse in Latin America, especially in the Amazon.

Colombia, Between Extermination and Emancipation

his phase of resistance began with a shout of protest against a new policy that would levy taxes on basic products and services, raising the cost of living in a country where unemployment, poverty and inequality are at  unprecedented levels. It has now become a struggle between extermination and emancipation. 


The Paths of Justice for Berta

In Guatemala, Harris Should Address U.S. Policies That Put Corporations Over People

In El Salvador, homicides and disappearances are not a priority

Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Guatemala



Dia de Refugiados. De la serie Voces de la diferencia, de la Corte Suprema

Central American Caravan for the Disappeared Seeks to Reunite Families

Mexico’s Dilemma: Tariffs or Impose Trump’s Draconian Immigration


Mexico’s elections on KPFA radio
Local candidates were killed in the run up to Mexico’s recent election. Laura Carlsen (@LauraECarlsen), Director of the Mexico City-based Americas Program joins us to analyze the political climate in Mexico following its midterm election which saw a 51% voter turnout. Listen to the show here, at 0:08 – 36 . 
Which route to reform? Migration at core of Kamala Harris’ Central America tour

We were on France 24’s The Debate discussing the impact of Kamala Harris’ visit to Mexico and Guatemala. You can view the show here.


Friday Round Table: News Analysis on Voter Suppression, Border, Filibuster, Atlanta killings
America’s Program Director Laura Carlsen sat in on Sojourner Truth’s “Friday Round Table: News Analysis on voter suppression, the situation of children on the southern border, the filibuster, and the Derek Chauvin trial” with Gerald Horne and Jackie Goldberg.

Check out the podcast here!