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Dear Readers,

We’ve been struggling to keep the Americas Program going over the past years. It’s been a sacrifice made possible by scores of people volunteering their time, energy and talent to the project. But we’re at the point where we can’t go on without financial support.

We are in urgent need of your donations to save the Americas Program. We’ve worked hard to bring you news and commentary on the latest issues in the Americas. Our materials are used in classrooms, study groups and social movements—in English and Spanish—across the region. After 33 years of providing grassroots movements, academics, students and citizens up-to-date information and analysis on the region, we don’t want to close our doors (and web page), but we might have to.

So far this year, we’ve published nearly a hundred original articles on Mexico’s drug war, grassroots movements in Latin America and the United States, gender analysis in security and economic policy, food sovereignty issues, youth peace-builders in Colombia, human rights violations in Honduras, U.S. defense policy and much more. These articles have been reprinted and circulated extensively.

We operate as a small, cost-efficient organization. We’ve put together a great team of cyber–volunteers who research, write, blog and translate articles. But we have some minimal costs.

Just to give you an idea of how even a little means a lot to us:

* $25 covers office supplies for a month

* $70 a month pays for our web production and distribution system

* Donations of $100 each from just 35 of you could staff our office for a year.

We don’t need a lot of funding to survive. We figure that if even a third of our readers contribute with monthly membership of $20 a month ($240/year) or a one-time donation, we can go into 2013 with a dynamic, self-sustaining program.

For donations of $20 a month or more, we are offering a gift of organic coffee from the Oaxaca State Coordinator of Organic Coffee Producers (CEPCO). We have been working with CEPCO since its founding assembly 20 years ago. Now we’ve joined forces to offer our new members a gift of fair-trade coffee. Everyone wins – small coffee growers can sustain their families, the Americas Program can sustain our work, and you can start your day with a delicious cup of Oaxacan mountain-grown coffee!

For the Institutional Membership of $500 per year, we offer CEPCO coffee and  specialized webinars with Americas Program analysts and Latin American writers as well as curriculum guides on top issues: drug war, immigration, economic integration, food sovereignty, etc.

We need your help.

To keep the Americas Program alive, click on the link below.

Recurring Memberships

One-time donations

(Credit card, check and paypal options. Fully tax-deductible, four-star Charity Navigator rating.)Warm Regards,Laura Carlsen
Director of the Americas Program
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