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Bukele guarantees impunity in Latin America’s worst massacre

After 30 years, the government of El Salvador continues to ensure impunity for those responsible for the worst massacre in modern Latin American history, in which 986 people were killed by the Salvadoran Armed Forces.

Attacks against female journalists and freedom of expression on the rise in El Salvador

The denunciations state that most of the attacks are promoted by the government and its officials. Additionally, attacks made against female journalists include highly misogynistic and hateful content.

Bukele consolidates his power in El Salvador Despite Ongoing Criticism and Accusations

ust over 50% of the Salvadoran electorate went to the polls on February 28 to vote in mid-term  elections, and ended up giving more power to the incumbent president, Nayib Bukele, by increasing his party’s qualified majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Guilty Verdict in the Massacre of Jesuits Marks a ´Milestone of Justice´ for El Salvador

Inocente Montano, a former deputy defense minister of El Salvador, retired military man, and ex-member of one of the bloodiest commando units operating during that Central American country’s civil war of the 1980s, has become the first Salvadoran convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity.