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Social protest in support of Palestinians. Mexico City. Photo: Laura Carlsen

Weaving a global feminist movement for Palestine

Gaza City has been practically wiped off the map. Israeli attacks focused on hospitals, which also serve as shelters for the displaced and bombed population, and other civilian targets have led to

MIRA. Feminismos y democracias

Feminist policies, a shield against the far right

A few weeks before the first round of elections in Argentina, the far right is ahead in the polls with candidate Javier Milei. Julia Muriel Dominzain of MIRA: Feminisms and Democracies interviews

Mayan seeds against feminist monoculture

In her book Talking Back, Feminist Thinking, Black Thinking, bell hooks talks about how often ‘feminist women (many of whom are white) say they want to hear women who until now haven’t

The Paths of Justice for Berta

On March 2, 2016, the world suffered the murder of land defender Berta Cáceres. From that moment, those of us who took on the fight for justice pointed out that this act

The defense of the Body-Territory

This Earth Day, four women defenders from four countries came together to reflect on their struggles defending the body-territory. They emphasized that the relationship of women’s bodies with the earth, its natural

Victoria Esperanza Salazar should not have died

Femicide is a crime foretold, warns lawyer Karla Micheel Salas. Announced, frequently by the victim herself, in denunciations and desperate cries for help that are ignored by the authorities and society. Announced