Day: September 30, 2005

Brazil’s Gun Buy-Back Program: Will it Work?

Marcelo Itagiba’s office is immaculate. His desk is a fine piece of furniture, built of beautiful wood and adorned with intricately designed carvings. Two cell phones, three land lines, and a radio

Estados Unidos seguro en un mundo seguro

Resumen Ejecutivo Que es el terrorismo No hay una definición universalmente aceptada de terrorismo. Inclusive las dependencias del gobierno estadounidense utilizan diferentes definiciones. Para lo que toca a esta agenda, hemos adoptado

Better off Without Them?

There is a popular saying in Argentina: más vale estar solo que mal acompañado (better to be alone than in bad company). Increasingly Argentines are wondering whether it isn’t time to go

Community Radio in Guatemala

On May 22, 1987, Guatemalan guerillas hijacked the frequency of a state-approved radio station to broadcast their popular revolutionary message. Voz Popular, the voice of Guatemala’s guerilla party, the URNG, transmitted from

The End of a Cycle of Plundering

One of the cornerstones of the neoliberal policies adopted by most Latin American governments in the 1990s was the privatization of state-owned enterprises. This process of passing national wealth on to the

A Political Forecast

(This policy briefing is the first of a series of post-election reports planned by the IRC program staff. It will be followed by regional reports, covering topics such as the current state

How U.S. Corporations Won the Debate Over Immigration

Editor’s note: At the last U.S.-Mexico Binational Meeting on November 9, Secretary of State Colin Powell dashed hopes for an integral immigration reform in the near future. Delivering the line of the