Author: Tom Barry

Origins and Disappearance of the Yaqui River

Rivers like deserts don’t respect international boundaries. The Yaqui River established the natural foundation for the agricultural development in the 20th century of the arid coastal plains of southeastern Sonora. But the

The Illusions of the New Sonora

Sonoran Governor Padrés launched a package of water megaprojects, including an aqueduct to transfer water from the Yaqui River to the depleted Sonora River basin, as part of the Sonora SI in

Sonora and Arizona’s Uncertain Water Futures

When you cross into Sonora from Arizona, you leave one hydraulic society and enter another. Both states are at risk. Their medium-term water futures are uncertain. The water megaprojects – dams, reservoirs,

The Yaqui Water War

A series by Tom Barry of the CIP TransBorder Project that takes an in-depth look at the water crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Part One: How the Mexican border state of

Connecting the Intelligence Dots—It’s Easy

Within the intelligence community, it’s easy to connect the dots. Corporations like IBM, CACI, and Lockheed Martin—among the main intelligence contractors—are making it easier all the time. Corporate mergers, acquisitions, and the

The Shadow Prison Industry and Its Government Enablers

Outsourcing governmental responsibilities to private contractors is routine and alarming. The Blackwater, Wackenhut, CACI, and Halliburton scandals have highlighted the damage to our foreign affairs resulting from the reliance on private contractors

Not Systemic Failure, But Failed System

“Systemic failure” is how President Obama described the homeland security and intelligence lapses that led to the unsuccessful terrorist attack by a Nigerian Islamist on Dec. 25. The accuracy of this assessment