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Mexico in Crisis: U.S. Drug War Funding, Ayotzinapa and Human Rights Violations

Mexico is facing its worst political crisis in decades. U.S. policy has contributed to the crisis by funding corrupt security forces responsible for crimes against their own population.

Protesting Mexican Teachers’ Vow “This Will Not End Here”

On September 1, day of the State of the Union Address by president Enrique Peña Nieto, thousands of teachers went on the street to protest against the education reform.

Inter-American Development Bank Megaprojects: Displacement and Forced Migration

This in-depth report looks at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and how its policies have led to displacement and forced migration in Latin America. The report studies IDB megaprojects in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Honduras and their effect on Latin Americans.

Democracy Promotion Programs under Fire as Fallout from Spy Arrest Continues

The arrest of Alan Gross in Cuba last December has proven to be a major headache for the Obama administration.  Continue Reading »

IDB Megaprojects: Displacement, Destruction, and Deception

  As the IDB (the Inter-American Development Bank) meets in Cancun this month to celebrate its 51st anniversary, its governors  Continue Reading »

Colombia Elections 2010

The International Pre-Electoral Observation Mission to Colombia was led by Global Exchange, with the participation of professionals, analysts, and citizens  Continue Reading »

International Delegation Issues Preliminary Findings on Pre-electoral Conditions in Colombia

The following is the preliminary statement of the International Pre-electoral Observation Mission, presented Feb. 15 to the Colombian press in  Continue Reading »

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