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How NAFTA Unleashed the Violence in Mexico

The drastic transformation of public agricultural policies–brought about by structural adjustment programs and the trade opening with NAFTA–generated the conditions for the emergence of multiple forms of violence in the Mexican countryside.

Reflections from Yucuyoco

The values inherent in the village life of Yucuyoco are happily present to one degree or another in most of the indigenous communities of the Americas, and probably of Africa and Asia

Colombia: The Triumphant Return of the Peasantry

Five decades of war made things worse. Landowners bought up more and more land, expelling and expropriating campesinos with force. The agricultural strike was the "Enough!" of a population that won't put

Like During Spanish Colonialism, Looting Indian Gold

The indigenous territories most hard hit by mining concessions are the Rarámuri, Zapotecos (mostly in the central valleys of Oaxaca), Chatinos, Mixtecos, Coras, Tepehuanes and Nahuas of Michoacan. The concessions in these