Americas Program Biodiversity Report, June 2010

Costa Rican environmentalists decry war against biodiversity; in Brazil, the World Rainforest Movement calls Norway to task for its alleged double-dealing; in Chile, civil society is on the move against genetically modified (GM) crops, while Bolivia’s president Evo Morales declares them unwelcome in his country; the monthly report concludes with the agroecology letter from Havana.

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Expansion of Biotechnology in Brazil Augments Rural Conflicts

On March 7th—International Women’s Day—dozens of Brazilian women occupied a research site of the U.S.-based agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, destroying the greenhouse and experimental plots of genetically-modified (GM) corn. Participants, members of the international farmers’ organization La Vía Campesina, stated in a note that the act was to protest the Brazilian government’s decision in February to legalize Monsanto’s GM Guardian® corn, which came just weeks after the French government prohibited the corn due to environment and human health risks.

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