Author: Alfredo Acedo

People’s Proposals in the Global Village

At the Global Village of Alternatives, dozens of grassroots organizations from countries all around the world present their arguments for stronger efforts to stop climate change and offer ground-up solutions based on

The Day Before COP21 in Paris

Paris seems ready to birth the historic agreement against global greenhouse emissions that cause climate change.

Challenges for COP21 and social movements

Global warming, probably the most serious existential threat facing the human species, is the byproduct of the industrial exploitation of fossil fuels. Increasing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have

TPP, NAFTA Reloaded

The product of exclusive negotiations that took place behind closed doors, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) represents the final sale of Mexico to the multinational corporations. In other words, a farewell to whatever

Ayotzinapa Calls for Mexico’s Transformation

On January 26, for the eighth time since the fateful September 26, tens of thousands of people from various sectors marched through the streets of the capital with a two-pronged demand: to