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Take action now to secure historic environmental rights accord for Latin America, Caribbean

There are increasing threats to nature, as well as to those who are involved in the defense of natural resources and land rights. In this scenario, the workers of the media whose duty it is to investigate such facts are exposed.

Early Dakota Access Pipeline Spill Angers Tribal Chairs

Tribal chairmen decried the newly finished Dakota Access Pipeline when reports surfaced that its first crude oil spill in South Dakota occurred even before the private infrastructure project went into service.

Memory of Bertha Caceres and Other Martyrs Inspires Demands for Environmental Justice

Caceres’ memory must be invoked along with that of dozens of other martyrs for the defense of the sanctity of all living beings, as the cross-boundary struggle builds to reinstate indigenous primacy in the protection of land tenure rights, biological diversity, habitat, food and water security, and the balance of nature.

New Goldman Prize Winner Vows Murder of Previous One Won’t Deter Her

Like Berta Caceres before her, Maxima Acuña has resisted violence and eviction in championing the protection of natural resources against powerful international corporate exploitation.

Cowboys, Indians Join to Defeat Keystone XL Cross-boundary Tar-sands Crude Pipeline

The White House touted its Nov. 6 denial of the controversial Keystone XL tar-sands crude-oil pipeline application as proof of a new U.S. policy committed to global leadership in climate change action.

Curb Climate Change: Save Electricity and Defend Your Solar Panel From Energy Reforms

For all their drawbacks, the reforms pay more than lip-service to the idea of promoting solar energy. They coerce newly approved corporate power generators into using the renewable sources directly derived from Father Sun.

Yaqui Tribal Authority’s Jailing in Water Conflict Signals Need to Implement Environmental Justice

The Sept. 11 jailing of Yoeme (Yaqui) Traditional Tribal Secretary Mario Luna Romero was a wake-up call for environmental and human rights defenders globally.

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