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Biodiversity Report from Americas Program of CIP—October 2009

Uruguay: Genetically Modified Invasion Nicaragua: Food Sovereignty Does Not Exist Without Native Seeds Holland and (Ir)responsible Soy Bolivia: Climate Justice Tribunal   1. Uruguay: Genetically Modified Invasion Genetically modified (GM) corn is

May Biodiversity Report from the Americas Program

1. Mexico: Swine Flu and Industrial Farm Animal Production 2. New Report on Agrofuels 3. No to Monoculture Forests 4. Genetically Modified Soy Can Never Be "Responsible" 5: Brazil: Genetically Modified Sugar

April Biodiversity Report from the Americas Program

Dear Readers, We are pleased to present a new series of short reports on subjects concerning biodiversity in the Americas. These reports, written by Carmelo Ruiz, our long-time collaborator on environmental subjects

The Biosafety Protocol and the Future of Biosafety

More than a decade after the commercial introduction of genetically modified (GM) crops and foods, the controversy surrounding them only seems to grow, as documented in recent Americas Policy Program reports.1 What

Latin America: The Downside of the GM Revolution

As genetically modified soybeans take over vast tracts in South America and reports flow in of genetic contamination of local corn in Mesoamerica, grassroots resistance to biotech crops has also grown. The

Water Privatization in Latin America

The drive to privatize water distribution and resources is gaining steam in Latin America. Although transnational water companies have suffered setbacks in places like Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Uruguay, they continue with