Category: Human Rights

An Unwelcome Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day—an emotional date where millions of women celebrate giving birth and the joy of children. However, for one ten-year-old pregnant girl in Paraguay, this day was not one she was hoping

The Movement that Stood Up to Agro-Industry

The millions the big growers make in profits contrasts sharply to the biting poverty of the men and women who work their fields in the San Quintin Valley of Baja California. A

DEA Scandals Signal End of an Era

The forced resignation of DEA chief Michele Leonhart is a step in the right direction toward cleaning up one of the most wasteful and ethically questionable agencies of the federal government, the

Civil Society Organizations Speak Out on US Central America Plan

The militarization of citizen security has contributed to systematic human rights abuses while harmful, private- and foreign-investor-led “development” policies continue to dispossess communities of their lands and livelihoods… Therefore, we call for