A Trarilongko Mapuche in Cuba

My ñuke, mother, taught us to bring out the best in ourselves in our fight against hunger: creativity, imagination, solidarity and persistence. These attributes I found in the Cuban people.

The Three Hurricanes That Hit Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican people were dying long before Hurricane Maria. The hurricane simply forced us to count the dead, mourn the lives lost, and now, to fight for the lives of those

The Diplomatic Breakthrough in Havana

In the streets of Havana the diplomatic breakthrough is all people are discussing, from those who interpret Obama’s decision as an admission of a failed policy toward the island, to those who

How to Close Guantanamo

The Obama administration should be conducting talks at the highest levels, if it has not already begun, in order to correct the injustice of Guantanamo not only as a torture site but